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Split duct conduit, couplers,
sweeps and repair systems

HDPE conduit - diameters from 1" - 12"

Specialty fittings including an assorted variety of duct plugs and couplers

Primary cable fault location systems for isolation and sectionalization of cable

Grips and swivels for cable pulling
and suspension applications; canvas products for equipment protection

Optical termination, splice enclosures
and cabinets for fiber management;
slack storage devices

Restore-Lite temporary power restoration

High quality, durable products designed to eliminate electrical outages due to wildlife
and the environment

ASK Power Sicame.png

High voltage terminal lugs,
splices and cable solutions

Cable pullers, pulling eyes, swivels and accessories

Power Line Sentry.png

 Triple Line Lifter, pole pullers 

and folding guard arms 

Crimping & cutting tools and
identification and labeling systems


Belts, climbers, harnesses and accessories

Pelco Products.jpg

Pole brackets and equipment mounts, capacitor bank products, base and foundation anchors and lighting solutions

Portable power, docking stations and cable

Electric Remote Controlled Compact Equipment



Compact Lightning Detection


Global manufacturer of lifting and material processing products and services

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