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Specialty fittings including an assorted variety of duct plugs and couplers


Grips and swivels for cable pulling
and suspension applications; canvas products for equipment protection

Ground Penetrating Radar systems

Optical termination, splice enclosures
and cabinets for fiber management;
slack storage devices

Cable and pipe warning marker posts, terminal enclosures and

cathodic protection test stations

Split duct conduit, couplers,
sweeps and repair systems

Fiber optic and power cable
installation tools and equipment


Standard and custom labels,

markers, signs, tags and decals

Sealing kits for repairing buried service

wire; splice sealing and waterproofing;

pedestal sealing and cable repair

WL Plastics.png

Belts, climbers, harnesses and accessories


Vis™ Pulling Tape
for cable installation

Pelco Products.jpg

Pole brackets and equipment mounts, capacitor bank products, base and foundation anchors and lighting solutions


 Smart IoT Fusion Splicers 

revolutionizing your business 

Vanguard Electric.png

Polymer concrete, fiberglass and plastic underground boxes for the utility market


High quality electrical components including Insulators, Cable Spacers and Hookstick & Bypass Switches


HDPE conduit - diameters from 1" - 12"

(SIDR, SDR, SCH 40 & 80)

Pull tape and segmented reels available

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