Condux - Blue Ox Cable Puller.jpg
Guideline Geo - Mini RTC 6.jpg
WL Plastics.jpg
Guideline Geo - EL HDR RTC.png
SNC - Restore-Lite.jpg


Cembre - B-TC450A.jpg
Multilink - Fiber Distibution Units.jpg
Condux - GS350 Cable Blower.jpg
SAE - ConduDisc (RUS Approved).jpg
Milliken - VIS Divide.jpg
Ripley - 4x4 Plus Series Bushing.jpg
Emtelle - Fibreflow.png
Pelco - Lighting.png
Condux - FO Cable Puller.JPG
Bashlin - Climbing Equipment.jpg

Power-Tel Utility Products Inc. is a Manufacturer Rep Agency who has been covering the Southeast U.S. for the past 30 years. We represent quality Manufacturers in the Outside Plant arena for the Power, Telecommunications, Water and Gas markets.


We have a highly qualified sales team who are able to demonstrate and train our customers in the field.  

We also have strong distribution partners throughout our territory to help service and grow our product lines.